Lakes Life Story: The Malmstroms

Drs. Leah and Lee Malmstrom are entrepreneurs who love their Lakes Life.

Together, they own Spencer Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Spencer, Iowa, located in the beautiful Iowa Great Lakes region.

Through their business, the Malmstroms help people get better and stay healthier without drugs or surgery.

leah malmstrom spencer chiropractic and wellness center
lee malmstrom spencer chiropractic and wellness center
leah malmstrom spencer chiropractic and wellness center

“I love our life here up in northwest Iowa,” Leah says. “Your overall stress levels are so much lower. The pace of life is not so hectic and crazy. Now, when we go back to the city, the people, the traffic and the crowds – it’s just too much.”


The Malmstrom family loves to spend time outdoors. The region boasts many recreation opportunities.

“We really like basically anything outside,” Leah says. “It feels like there’s a new place to explore every time we go anywhere. All kinds of parks, trails and little beaches to go to. We’ve come to really appreciate what we have here and I don’t think I’d have it any other way.”

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