DigiBits are digital media elements – videos and picture memes –┬áthat will entertain and inform the individuals that view them about the jobs, housing options and FUN that they will enjoy as soon as they GetALakesLife!

Sharing Our Story

So you, a Community Champion, have a person in mind who lives far, far away that you wish were living here in Northwest Iowa.

Now is the time to share DigiBits that will help your friend or family member get to know the jobs, housing options and FUN that are available to them.

DigiBits Vault

The DigiBits Vault is where on GetALakesLife.com that DigiBits are stored. Community Champions come to the DigiBits Vault to find DigiBits they wish to share with folks via email, phone texting and social media.

Some Community Champions will even go old school, and print some of the DigiBits and share them on paper when folks stop by for a visit and through the US Post Office to those folks who live far, far away.

To share these DigiBits with Movers, you need to Log in to your Community Champion Dashboard.

Each time you share a DigiBit about this beautiful region of Iowa, you help your friend or family member to better understand how FUN it is to live here, to learn about the fabulous career opportunities here, to expose them to the diverse housing options here and to help them see how moving here to Get A Lakes Life will improve their life!

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