Community Champions

  • COMMUNITY CHAMPIONS are passionate about Northwest Iowa and want to share their love for our region with folks they know – who they wish also lived here.
  • COMMUNITY CHAMPIONS serve as brand ambassadors for Northwest Iowa, sharing information about all the careers, housing and FUN in our region and convincing people to move here.
  • COMMUNITY CHAMPIONS communicate with people they know via email, text messaging and social media.
  • COMMUNITY CHAMPIONS earn recognition for helping Northwest Iowa grow – and can win REWARDS!

Benefits to our Communities

  • Individuals will move here and enter the workforce.
  • Individuals will move here and start a business or purchase an existing business.
  • More customers will visit local shops and service providers.
  • New students will enroll in area schools.
  • The region will experience more housing starts and development opportunities.
  • More volunteers will donate their time and become members of nonprofits, churches and other organizations.

Step 1: Register

Your first step to helping Northwest Iowa grow is to sign up as a Community Champion (see below).

Step 2: Nominate a Mover

Your second step is to identify someone you know who lives far, far away that you’d wish were living HERE in Northwest Iowa and share their contact information with us (see below). We call these folks “Movers” because we want them to move here.

Step 3: Share Information with Movers

Share digital media elements – picture memes and videos – that tell the story about the cool careers, places to live and FUN that your Mover will enjoy when they Get a Lakes Life!!!

Step 1: Register

Simply Fill Out This Registration Form:

Step 2: Nominate a Mover

Simply Fill Out This Mover Nomination Form:


In the form above, you enter a temporary password for your Mover. Let your Mover know that you have nominated him or her, and what what you entered as their temporary password. When they visit, they can log in and change their password.


Step 3: Share DigiBits with Mover

  • You can browse the DigiBits Vault and pick picture memes and videos to share with your Mover.
  • You can follow one of our recipes, with YOU sharing the DigiBits we recommend — following our prescribed schedule.
  • COMING SOON — You can ask US to share DigiBits for you using our automated marketing platform. You can review the recipe in advance, so you know WHAT we will say and WHEN we will say it.

To Pick A Recipe:

  • The first recipe we have for your use targets health care professionals.
  • COMING SOON — Additional recipes are under development for manufacturing careers, food processing, financial services, information technology and other great careers.

Over 100 Community Champions have already stepped up. Are you curious if you know any of them?

Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.