Lakes Life Story: The Reeds

Jordan Reed and his wife, Chelsea, don’t miss living in a larger city.

The young couple moved to Spencer, in the Iowa Great Lakes region of northwest Iowa, when they began to think about raising a family.

“We got to thinking about starting a family and whether we wanted that to happen in a large city or give our kids room to roam, letting them be out playing, exploring like kids should,” Jordan says.

He and Chelsea, along with their three kids, love their Lakes Life and the opportunities available in the region.

“We enjoy a really nice quality of live in northwest Iowa,” Jordan says. “Don’t miss the traffic (of urban areas). I don’t miss my 45-minute commute every morning. I can be to my desk at work in 10 minutes.”

Both found job opportunities at Spencer Hospital.

“The hospital’s really given me a lot of opportunities to expand my career,” Jordan says. “I’m working as administrative director in the lab, I’m the director of rehab services and I still work as a PT (physical therapist) part-time, as well. I get an opportunity to do a lot of different things.”

The family has found there’s always tons of things to do throughout the area.

“As far as entertainment, it doesn’t get much better than the Iowa Great Lakes region,” Jordan says. “If you like water sports, there’s water sports. There’s a lot of fine arts, concerts and shows. Obviously, if you’re an outdoorsman, hunting and fishing around here is great. No matter what you like to do, there’s really a lot of opportunity here.”

Above all, Jordan says he, Chelsea and the kids enjoy one of the best perks larger cities struggle to match.

“I guess, for us, it’s just that community feel that you don’t get in a large city,” he says.

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