Iowa already has a ton to be proud of, but now we can add jobs to the list of humblebrags.

A recent report from Zippia has found that Iowa is the No. 1 state in the country for jobs.

That’s right. Iowa is a jobs hotspot in the heartland. Humblebrag away!

The stats don’t lie

According to Zippia, Iowa fared the best among all other states when measuring for unemployment and income.

“When people talk about anything, they generally don’t talk much about Iowa. And that may just be a grave mistake when talking about jobs.” – Zippia

People don’t talk about Iowa? Looks like they should start.

Just take a look at the numbers:

Iowa has an incredibly low unemployment rate of 2 percent and a median income of $56,570. Our state was first in the nation in home-to-income ration, a measurement of how far income gets you.

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It’s time we brag a little more often about jobs in Iowa, especially the jobs in our Lakes of Northwest Iowa region.

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